Biological Description
Race Blood Youth
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Affiliation Dawn
Debut Prologue
Voiced by Kodai Sakai (Japanese)
Khoi Dao (English)
We're going to find our way out of the Jail! Even if it means sacrificing my life...!


Jack is the main protagonist of the series. He is a Blood Youth and is able to utilize his blood to reverse the effects of the Marchen Blood on Blood Maidens.

Personality and Appearance


Jack has short,light blue hair and dark blue eyes.Jack appearance before he join the dawn,Jack and Alice was wearing torn up white clothes with bruises and cut on their body form being torture by the Marchens. they were save and escape from the cell by Red Riding Hood. There Jack and Alice joined the dawn. 

After joining the dawn, Jack now wear the Dawn uniform, which only the top button of his uniform is button in and he wear a dark blue and white striped t-shirt inside his uniform. He hold the Mary gun with his right hand,that the Mary gun is connected to Jack right wrist. Jack continuously hold his headphone with his left hand, Jack wear a red gun holster on his right leg,red sneaker and red belt on with a yellow buckle.


Jack is a timid and a very caring person.Jack always consider too nice for his on good by other people most notably from Alice,Thumbelina and Gretel, because he is timid he can get easily embarrass and flustered by other people comment about him.Despite, Jack being timid jack can be brave or even reckless,one example of this when he thought Alice and the other blood maiden could be in danger he quickly ask the professor to deployed him despite he cannot fight the Marchens. Jack is also consider smart and sharp from Haru and Miko. When Jack visited the Order of the Sun he mention to Miko how the Order is growing vegetable in the jail ,Miko said that the order cannot grow vegetable without sunlight and that they need to eat what provided in the jail. Jack was surprise to hear what Miko said but came quickly to understand what she meant.

Jack blood libido is his craving to climb very high.


As children, Jack lived in the same village as Alice. After witnessing her being tormented by the other kids in the village, Jack intervenes, causing the bullies to beat him up instead. After this incident, Jack forms a strong attachment to Alice, taking on the role of her protector. When Marchens attacked the village, Jack and Alice were captured and imprisoned.



As prisoners, Jack and Alice are tortured by the Marchens on a daily basis. One day, after being returned to their cell, the duo hears a commotion outside of their cell and realize that the Marchens were killed. A girl with a hood suddenly appears and, after confirming that she is "the one", drags Alice with her. Intent on staying at Alice's side, Jack follows the girls outside the cell.

The girl introduces herself as Red Riding Hood, a Blood Maiden similar to Alice, whose mission is to find others like them to help them escape the Jail. After successfully defeating Marchens with her, Alice decides to come with her on the condition that Jack may accompany them.

During their escape, the group encounters a Nightmare, an undefeatable monster who roams the Jail. With no other choice but to run, the group is forced to abandon the other escapees and flee. Alice, after being drenched in Marchen blood and witnessing the Nightmare slaughter the others, enters Blood Skelter Mode. Red Riding Hood, thinking that Alice has lost her sanity, tells Jack to leave her but Jack ignores her and approaches Alice. A rampaging Alice accidentally injures Jack, causing some of his blood to splatter on her. His blood somehow manages to revert Alice back to her normal self, much to Red Riding Hood's surprise. Jack soon loses consciousness due to blood loss and is carried by the girls as they make their escape.

Power and Abilities

Purifying Blood- Jack's blood is capable of purging Corruption from Blood Maidens who come into contact with it. Using the Mary Gun, Jack is capable of letting the Maidens fight without fear of mental death by Blood Skelter. Unfortunately, this same blood prevents him from directly contributing in combat, as any Blood weapons rust into useless scrap when in contact with his blood.

Meat-Shielding- If so inclined, Jack is capable of using his own body to protect a Blood Maiden from enemy attacks and completely nullify damage. Unfortunately, being of only normal human durability, Jack cannot take nearly as many blows and can lose consciousness against even the weakest of Marchen attacks.

Items- As someone who is not directly within the throes of battle, Jack holds the party's medical supplies when combat occurs. If the situation calls, Jack can take advantage of lulls in combat to patch up the Blood Maidens and maintain momentum.


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Jack from the official Mary Skelter Visual Collection and Story Guide book


  • Jack is named after the titular character in the English fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk.
    • Jack shares his urge to climb the tower with his fairy tale counterpart.
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