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Another edition with the theme of a "Birthday Surprise."

—Roughly translated website quote

Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter (恋獄塔めありーすけるたー) is a visual novel that was included as a preorder bonus for Mary Skelter 2 on the Playstation 4. It is set in a high school and features Jack and the Blood Maidens from Mary Skelter: Nightmares and Mary Skelter 2. It is only available in Japan as of now.


Set in a private high school called Blood High, many students with strange abilities study and enjoy their youth at the school. The spooky Jail Tower looms over the school grounds. There are rumors that if a couple confesses to each other under the Tower, they will be bound forever and ascend to the top.

The story begins with Jack, who has a surprise birthday party coming up that he has to pretend he doesn't know about and choose a girl to confess to under the Jail Tower.


  • Fully Voiced: Every line is fully voiced in the Japanese dub.
  • Individual Routes and Endings: The player can do a route with every female character excluding Otsuu and Little Mermaid and have an ending with each of them. There are hints to hidden scenarios with the excluded pair.



PS4「神獄塔 メアリスケルター2」 予約特典オープニングムービー


External Links[]

  • English Website: TBA


  • Apparently Jack does have male friends in the school, but none of them are drawn because there is no demand for it.
  • Hansel is also in the school, but he is only ever mentioned. Apparently, he is at least two meters tall and very handsome.